Teartapes for flexible films

Walotape®, the versatile teartape range

Walotape® is a teartape that can be used as an "easy-opening" solution for your product. On top of this convenience, printed teartapes can offer a number of use full options: brand identity is enhanced, the packs visual impact is enhanced and with appropriate graphic designs teartapes can also catch the eye for specific campaigns.

Walotape® teartapes run on widely used packaging machines and are suitable for most types of flexible packaging films. Manufacturers of classic consumer goods such as cigarettes, cigars, cheese, confectionery, CD/DVDs, sanitary items, pharmaceuticals or tea put this to good use.

The Walotape range is just as varied as the applications it serves, either individually customized or selected from the standard range available from stock:

In terms of base materials and the variety of optional features Walotape® is the worlds largest range of teartapes.

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