Normal Bobbins Tear applicator

Jumbo Bobbins Tear applicator

Teartape applicators

To apply Walotape or Devos tape in your product, you need to have a dispenser to unwind the teartape from the bobbin so that it can be applied as an "easy-opening" solution  in your product.

If there is no equipment on your packaging machine we can supply you with a dispenser, which can easily bring the teartape on your flexible film or carton.

We offer a choice of 3 types of dispensers, to be applied for:

  • Self-Adhesive Teartape with 29~30 mm inner core diameter  (Normal Bobbins)  
  • Self-Adhesive Teartape with (6 inch) 152 mm inner core diameter (Jumbo Bobbins)
  • Cross-web-applicator

The applicator can be shipped to your address or can be installed on your machine by our partner, the manufacturer of these dispensers: Pro-Vision Engineering BV -  Emmen /The Netherlands.

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