About us:

Our company was founded in 1938 by the father of the previous owner Mr. P.J. de Vos. The company is now managed by the third generation of 'de Vos'-family and currently even the fourth generation joined the company. Today's core business is still unchanged and emcompasses all kind of tapes for easy opening purposes and reclosable or resealable tapes for the consumer convenience.

Our manufacturers:

From 1967 we have been a distributor in our region of Wipak Walsrode (formerly named Wolff Walsrode from Germany) for Teartapes. (=Walotape®)

Several years ago we took the spooling machines from Wipak and formed a joint venture and started making the teartape bobbins ourselves. .

In cooperation with the Dutch company Pica Innovation Centra B.V. (formally: Pro-Vision Engineering BV) we can supply you several (driven) teartape applicators, so that the teartape can run on your packaging machine without any problems.

Our customers:

Over the years De Vos en Moen BV has become one of the leading suppliers of teartapes in our region. Our teartapes are sold in a broad range of industries: i.e. tobacco, bakery, confectionery, feminine care, health care, audio/CD/DVD, cosmetics and perfume, coffee & tea, pharmaceutical, cheese-processing, champagne and wine capsules, sliced meat and cheese and carton folding industries.

Our success:

We are a flexible company which built in those 80 years a lot of experience in both heat-seal and later cold-seal teartapes as well as in cellophane & polypropylene films.

Moreover most of the teartapes we keep in stock in Haarlem, so that we are able to execute any orders within 24 hours worldwide. This is one of our key success factors of our business.

More than a decade ago, we moved our company from the old center of Haarlem, to a larger building in the Industrial Area 'Waarderpolder' in Haarlem. Some years ago we doubled our storage capacity by a second (neighbour)building, so that we can extend our business in the coming years.

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